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Needless to say that the game industry was caught off-guard when the CD-R was introduced because pirating games had never been easierSteel Beasts Pro PE had protection in the form of a USB keyIt was probably an attempt to get people to abandon their mod chip consoles - guess what they abandoned instead? The 3.56 firmware update to the PS3 attempted to fix an embarrassingly large security hole discovered not 2 months before the patch's releaseThe final evolution of this "swap trick" was the production of kits containing stickers to hold down the "lid open" sensors (so the console would not try to perform the security test again when the lid was opened to swap the discs), and boot discs that would pass the copy protection check, then stop the disc from spinning and wait patiently until the start button was pressed (so the user could swap in another disc at their leisure)First, you had to go to a NPC that doesn't spawn


Better yet, Snake has a CD case in his in-game inventoryHowever, while the password was clearly marked, the login was not (and, to complicate matters, was not on the same page as the password)(The in-game justification was that "A usurper claims you are not the rightful king!") If you were wrong, you lost all the military units you had outside of your citiesSome games on the original PlayStation, such as The Legend of Dragoon and Vandal Hearts 2, would detect if you had a mod-chip (which lets you play imported or copied games) in your system, and then the game would not play and a message to call a place to report the problem would come up on screenMortal Kombat: Armageddon had copy protection which caused the game to boot up and then go into Cabela's Big Game HunterThe ef - a fairy tale of the twoUnfortunately, all of the above methods are beatable (sometimes trivially), slightly intrusive on the end user, and if they malfunction they can even lock a legitimate player out of their own gameIf you forgot to put Steam into Offline mode before going on vacation to somewhere without proper internet access, you'll end up searching desperately for a WiFi hotspot the next time you try to fire up the game on your laptop


It worked on at least one playerThis was cited as the main reason Nintendo chose to stick with cartridges until long after their rivals have switched to CDsLegend has it that paper map publishers came up with a unique solution to piracy after the introduction of commercial-grade xerographic copying: On city maps, they added a fictional street with a fictional name to every four square inches of their mapsOn the subject of the 360, the chief form of copy protection besides watermarking the disc code is the verification process afforded to Microsoft by Xbox Live's client/server modelIn fact, it's completely impossible with a game, even if it doesn't have a scene crack, because of the complete lack of DRMThe Internet itself has brought the latest version of copy protection: Client-server verification, where the player is the "client" and their legal right to play the game is recorded on a central server databaseOver time, this would cause the head to become misaligned and be unable to read anything anymore until the drive was repairedComplaints have fallen onto deaf ears (or the blame being shifted to the contractors for the Pay TV company, who pointed their finger back at the provider, both sides playing the blame game and nothing gets fixed)


These were in fact the copy protection: You had to enter the name of the town to which the displayed city arms belongAs it turns out, entering the codes on the copy protection sheet as hexadecimal and then converting to normal provides the password to the zip file (TOOMANYSECRETS), which is the dev diary for the gamePuzzle method: As a more subtle, elaborate version of the above, the player encounters an in-game puzzle that is generally not solvable without supplementary clues and information included either in the game's manual or its FeeliesOnce created, though, that CD-R could be easily copied and used on any DreamcastThe price of items and upgrades would also be multiplied by 100The copy protection was required by the publisher, THQ, during the short period in between the European and North American launches


There was also a second layer of DRM that caused Sam to constantly look straight up while spinning if the game was installed in the wrong directorySince emulators can't emulate the TV remote interface and IR signals, opening all of the game's treasure chests and saving Princess Darcy become impossibleThe latest version also gives the player the option of allowing Steam to continue downloading a game in the background while another game is running in foreground, and even allow "game sharing", in which a user will have the option of sharing their game with other Steam users on the same PCThe third game of the trilogy, Thief Of Fate, had dimension-hopping as a crucial plot pointThe accused you of software theft and gave you one more chance to enter the right code; failing caused them to blow up your shipMetal Gear Solid had a character, early in the game, who "forgot" a vital communication frequency and mention that "it's on the back of the CD case," referring to one of the images on the back of the game's plastic caseAnd reduce the sale price of everthing to 0, making it impossible to make money, and get the player stuck in the first systemIt was still quite easy to copy once you worked it outyou get the ideaAnswer wrong and your ship loses all cannons

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